Your Dream Vacation is Here

Enjoy Some You-Time

Its a light, airy, level brick home within walking distance of beaches, local cafes, 4WD hire & Parks & Wildlife Office. People from all backgrounds are welcome. I’m a member of ‘Team rainbow’. The sgle room is ideal for a sole travellor or 1 of 3 people, looking to bookend their stay on Fraser Island, or visiting Rainbow Beach for activities like Triathlons, Rallys, sand-biking, sporting, social or family events. It is a central place for visiting the Sand Blow, Cooloola National Park.

The Perfect Surrounding

The single bedroom is for a single guest only. There is a double bedroom listing, for 1 or 2 guests, which can be booked if you are 1 of 2 or 3 people. If the double bedroom is in use the bathroom/toilet are for all guests use only. The host has her own bedroom & ensuite area. Their is a an Outdoor area to relax, talk, and share food and drink, if you so wish. Guests have full use of kitchen facilities and basic condiments are offered for your use.

Fine Food Cuisine

All necessary cooking equipment & utensils in kitchen. Ample cupboard and storage spaces in both bedrooms. The bedrooms & lounge floors are carpeted. All other floors are tiled. Please be clean & hygienic in the shared spaces & no meals or snacks in the carpeted areas.